R I S E - A Reflection on the Resurrection

Make Something Where You Are

A small excursion to the Younglife Camp at Malibu, BC.


The Mystery Hour is “Springfield’s Best and Only Late Night Talk Show," hosted by Jeff Houghton.
We believe that Springfield is a place where you can do unique and incredible things. 

Music Video: J-Fire - My Hometown

Directed by Monique Champagne. I was a part of the cinematography team.


From generation to generation, the bond of the sport has lasted. Whether it was when dad took you to your first major league ballgame, when he took you to the field for batting practice, or maybe just took you out back to have a catch, it has lasted. It's the sport that's different from any other sport. There's something almost spiritual, the act of playing catch with dad. No words need be spoken, just the whiz of the ball, and the pop of the glove; an invisible line of communication. It's safe. It's sacred. It's shared, between a father and son and will continue to be shared from generation to generation. The important moments don't necessarily take place on the field. Because it's more than a game. It's about the love. Thank you, Dad.

Here's to all those mothers out there, in whatever stage of life you are at:)

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