Pollock Pictures is dedicated to collaborating with other incredible freelance cinematographers to produce the best product possible. We enjoy working alongside fellow film-makers....

Freelance Cinematographer


Megan Yates got her start in photography but ultimately switched to film/video. She's always been the girl behind the camera and the camera's just keep on getting bigger!  Having studied Film Production at Missouri State University, she has a refined skill of storytelling and aims to creatively capture anything and everything. When it comes to weddings, Megan likes the idea that she helps capture something that you will continue to replay for your kids (or even grandkids) for the rest of your lives... And cake is pretty tasty as well!

 Freelance Cinematographer


Josh Pfaff is an Electronic Arts-Video Studies major at Missouri State University.  Josh has been shooting video for almost five years and aspires to be a Director of Photography for feature films.  In the past year Josh has been the Director of Photography for a senior thesis short film called "Mara" and a four part web serious called "A Little Help".  He has received a Midwest Emmy for his short film "High School" in Cinematography and his most recent success was a collaborated music video "Cool Kids" featured on Entertainment Weekly



Freelance Cinematographer


Chris graduated from Missouri State University in 2014 with a degree in Digital Film Production. Upon graduating he began working full time for Convoy of Hope, a local non-profit organization in Springfield, Missouri where he is currently based. For Convoy, he captures stories of hope and restoration that the organization has been apart of around the world. When Chris is not travelling, he is busy running his own media business, Locke + Stache, freelancing for companies such as Slate + Glass, Pollock Pictures and whoever else can use a creative hand! His endeavors have brought him across the globe working for brands such as Ford Motor Company, Cabela's, Carbon TV, Mike Tompkins, Young Life, The 1906 Gents and many more.










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