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What began at sea at a poker table turned into a rich and beautiful long-distance relationship between two kindred spirits. Alan and Stephanie are very intentional with their time together and make a great effort to be real with each other. They can be seen playing and sharing music or even having skype yoga sessions together, learning more and more about each other. These adventurous spirits get married this upcoming March and I cannot wait to be there, front and center, to capture every bit. Cannot wait!

Johnny and Phoi's story reflects the saying, "Our eyes locked from across the room." It didn't take long for these two to strike gold within their hearts. They met by accident at a Meetup while Phoi was waiting for a date. But once they met, they couldn't handle not seeing each other and they sought each other out. Just watch these two show how much they care for each other and how ready they are for August to get here!

New families are born all across the world. When that happens, there is a beautiful bloom of love that covers that family as they embark on a new life together. I was honored to create this for Blake as he officially proposed to the girl that stole his heart. And her mom.

First engagement session in the Pacific Northwest and where better than to shoot it at the Big Four Ice Caves with a loving sweet family.We wish the best for them and their family as they grow, learn, and love.

After their first date through, this gorgeous couple could not get enough of each other. The passion and gratitude between David and Tish will make you want to  melt into the arms of the one you love.

Easy love. These people are easy to love and easily fell in love with each other. It was so amazing to hear their love story and how excited they are to travel and help others in their marriage together. 

This lovely couple picked one of the best days to play out in the snow. They are all about each other and are so happy together. Childlike spirits. The love they share with each other is immeasurable. 

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