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Kingsville, Missouri

"I wish I could give Evan with Pollock Pictures above 5 stars for his dedication and hard work! I honestly don't even know if it is possible to put into words how breath taking our video from our wedding day really is. Two months before our wedding day, we decided we wanted a videographer and our wonderful wedding photographer recommended us to Pollock Pictures. After watching one of his wedding videos I was in tears. I knew instantly that Evan was who I wanted to capture our wedding! I stayed up nearly all night watching all of his videos as a matter of fact. I emailed him instantly and he thankfully had availability for such short notice! Evan and his wife Lindsey were and still are so kind and were always prompt in replying to our messages. They were always so generous and thoughtful as well.


I am a pretty shy person, so I was a little unsure about having cameras all over the place during my wedding day; however, I actually enjoyed having them around and every single person that was there with Evan that day made me laugh and eventually I forgot the cameras were even there at all!


I watch our highlights video all the time and still over a year later cry watching it! The angles he captured with his drone of my husband and I dancing outdoors to the hilarious interviews and moments I would have never witnessed had I not had any video footage captured- are all simply amazing. I will treasure both of my videos forever and it will always be an extra special memory we get to watch on our anniversaries to come, as pictures can only tell so much of a story. He also picked the best songs that I believe represent who we are as a couple to accent our video! From the lighting to every transition, Evan and his team went above and beyond for our wedding day!


I also want to thank Evan for including our son in so much of our video as well. Our wedding day was not only a life changing moment for my husband and I, but also my four year old. He captured my husband's speech to him after our vows, my husband giving him cuff links, and him running into our arms for our first look as a family that day. I honestly can't tell you how much it means to me as a mother that he put everything that means so much to us and incorporated it into a flawless keepsake.


I sincerely can't thank you enough Evan for capturing this memory for us! It makes me want to relive it every time I watch it. I highly recommend Pollock Pictures for your wedding, they will NOT disappoint!! Trust me!"

Springfield, Missouri

"I can't say enough good things about Evan and Lindsey Pollock and Pollock Pictures! We hired Evan to do our wedding video and it is the most beautifully crafted video I have ever seen. But before I get started about the video, I have to say how great it was to work with Evan and his partner on the actual wedding day. At first, I thought I would be a little nervous to have a camera following me around, but it wasn't that way at all. I was so nervous that day and had all kinds of emotions going on but Evan did a great job of keeping things relaxed and even kept a little humor going through out the day and that made me feel so calm! It was awesome!


I can say, every wedding video I've ever seen of his work has been wonderful, but one thing he does a specifically magnificent job of is creating something that is special and specific to each couple. Our video fit us and described us as a couple so perfectly, and I think that is one of Evans biggest talents. He really gets to know you as a couple and creates something unique to your relationship through his videos, which is what makes the end products so wonderful. His work truly does speak for itself... just watch any video he posts! You will not be disappointed! I highly recommend Pollock Pictures!!!"

Snohomish, Washington

"Evan, Lindsey, and the Pollock Pictures team was by far one of our favorite wedding vendors. Everything from communication to execution was absolutely top notch. Evan and his team captured our day in a way that truly represented us as a couple and the emotions involved. If you are hesitating whether or not to hire a videographer for your wedding, it will be one of the greatest decisions to invest your money in. Not only are their videos remarkable, but Evan and Lindsey are the sweetest, most genuine people you will ever meet. The end product was truly magical and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. Highly, HIGHLY, recommend Pollock Pictures."

Wellington, New Zealand

"Evan and Lindsey traveled all the way from the US to New Zealand to film our wedding and captured our wedding day in such a beautiful and nuanced way that really demonstrated both our personalities and spirit. Would facebook allow it we would rate them well over five stars. We were absolutely blown away. Moreover, their participation in the day was so welcome - they knew exactly when and where to step in and make their presence known and when to step back and let us focus on each other. They are an incredible mix of professionalism and exuberance. They made us feel absolutely comfortable in front of the camera - something that does not come naturally to either of us for which we are so grateful. The film that they made is now going to be a treasured part of the story of our relationship. Thank you Evan and Lindsey for making our wedding even better than we imagined."


Seattle, Washington

"By chance and fate, we found Pollock Pictures. After working with them, we knew we made one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. From beginning to end, Lindsey and Evan were always so kind and helpful! They are also one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.


On our wedding day, we had a great time working with Evan and Brian. Their level of expertise and professionalism was top notch and they knew exactly how to go about it without being intrusive. They were both really easy going and funny guys which made it really easy and comfortable to work with them.


After watching the final product of our wedding video, I remember the day as if it were yesterday. There are details of the day that you can relive only through memory if not through film and we’re really glad we chose Pollock Pictures to capture these moments!

Beautifully made and truly inspiring, It captured the heart and soul of our big day, and is a great reminder of our story and the important people in our lives that helped shape us. Evan’s way of crafting everything together is incredible and perfectly unique to us. His work is a perfect blend of attention to detail and a work of art.


I often heard that your wedding day goes by in a flash. I can now attest to that—with all of the nerves, the millions of things you’ll be busy with as bride and groom, you don’t get to see everything that happens behind the scenes. This is the greatest investment you can make and something that you can look back on from years to come and share with your loved ones. We’d like to thank Pollock Pictures for being so wonderful to work with and for perfectly capturing the true essence of our wedding!"

Springfield, Missouri

"The quality and expertise speaks for itself. Our wedding film was a work of art that was like no other I'd seen before. It is truly the most beautiful recap and reminder of one of the biggest days of our lives. We were on the fence about whether or not to even have a videographer and not only am I so glad that we did but it also exceeded our expectations. We will cherish this forever. Thank you guys for the beautiful work you do!"

(Photo by Elise Abigail Photo)

Springfield, Missouri

"I've come to realize that people are very dismissive of the idea of wedding videography; I say this as I, too, was one of those people when we first began planning our wedding. We tried to convince ourselves, "We already have a photographer to capture these moments." or, "We have a budget and it doesn't fit.", and that is all understandable. What you won't understand is the feeling of reliving that day again the first time you see your film. (And let's be honest, all the times you will watch it and share it with others after that.) The nerves on your wedding day, the pre-occupation, and the schedules to follow all hinder the experience of the most important day of you life; being able to see that day in motion is like magic. It brings all your memories of the day and a lot of things you have probably forgotten to life again, in a way that can only be captured through film. Evan and Lindsey far exceeded our expectations with their professionalism and attention to detail. Their talent and vision for our film afforded us a glimpse of our wedding day that we never could have gotten from anything else, and Alex and I could not be more pleased. When you are an ocean apart from your spouse, having something so tangible to help you feel connected is priceless, and for that we are forever thankful."

Springfield, Missouri

"I am eternally grateful for Pollock Picture's work. It is so amazing that they captured a day in its honesty that I now get to relive forever. They made a video that captures every essence of how Blake and I feel about each other. It makes me cry, it makes me laugh and recreates everything I felt that moment, maybe even better. Having Pollock Pictures capture our day is by far one of the best decisions I made about my entire wedding. The moment of Blake watching me walk down the aisle is a moment I could watch every second of every day and I would have never been able to see it without them. The impact they have with the videos they create is something so beyond great and is truly priceless."

Ridgedale, Missouri

"Evan and his team are so very talented and professional! We had a blast working with them from the moment we started discussing our big day. In all honesty, having a videographer at our wedding was something my now husband and I were on the fence about, but it is the one thing I cannot believe that we even wavered on after the fact. The way Pollock Pictures compiled the day was perfect. It captured every single emotion of the entire day, and admittedly I watch it at least once or twice a week. I'm so glad we have this moment to help us get back to the emotions and feelings we experienced on our weeding day. I cannot stress enough how well spent this money was! I'd hire the Pollock Pictures team again in a heartbeat!!!"

Bellingham, Washington

"Pollock Pictures was able to catch all the little moments that couldn't be captured in photos. The way Evan put the moments together into our wedding film was extraordinary and reflects his impressive talents. We really feel that the film Pollock Pictures made reflects us as a couple. 

We loved working with the Pollocks from start to finish; they were adaptable and cared about our desires for the wedding day. Evan helped us relax and be ourselves in front of the camera. We had a blast and were so glad to have such a friendly guy with us on our wedding day. 

Thank you Pollock Pictures for delivering an amazing wedding film and for making it so easy to work with you. We are grateful for you!"

Springfield, Missouri

"Pollock pictures is beyond perfect in more ways than I could possibly chronicle in this review, so the following will have to suffice: First and foremost, their staff is an absolute delight to work with. In the planning phase they are courteous, professional, and incredibly helpful, but where they really shine is at the event itself. They filled our day with joy and laughter, our interactions with them rank among some of my favorite memories. By the end of the event, I was genuinely sad to see them go, and we feel like they were more than just vendors, but friends. Their work is intricately detailed. My wife and I keep watching our video over and over again, and each time we find new artful touches. But what is more enthralling is the way that all of these subtle strokes paint a larger story that draws us in and captivates us from start to finish. Every time that it plays, we’re transported back to the most wonderful day of our lives and relive the laughter, love and joyful tears all over again We are deeply impressed by and grateful for their incredible talent, and would not merely recommend but absolutely INSIST that everyone use them to capture their memories. It is easily one of the best choices that you will make for your special day!"


(Photography by Christine Bonnivier)


Bellingham, Washington

"When you originally build a wedding budget, it’s hard to fit in videography. After watching the film Pollock Pictures created and reliving our wedding day, we realized, why wasn’t videography the first thing we budgeted for? The emotion we felt for each other and the vows we wrote together are never forgotten, but when you watch the film you can experience the love all over again. Evan and his team were extremely professional and made us both feel comfortable in front of the camera.  His editing was flawless and final product is truly a treasure. We would highly recommend Pollock Pictures and encourage all couples to budget for videography! "


Purdy, Missouri

"We can't say enough about the amount of generosity Pollock Pictures has shown. Evan has been so kind and willing to help with anything from the moment we contacted them. From that point on, we have been so satisfied with everything. Our videographer, Megan, was such a joy to work with. She was so good to us, and we had so much fun with her while she was filming. She fit right in, and it felt like she was a part of the family. Her creativity amazed me, and she captured everything we wanted. After seeing our video for the first time, we both agreed that Pollock Pictures exceeded everything we were wanting. Evan is obviously very talented, and passionate about what he does. He captured the love between us, and the little things that we love the most. We will never be able to thank Pollock Pictures enough for a video that we can look back on, and celebrate our love together, all over again. Thank you for all of your hard work, we are forever grateful!"


Springfield, Missouri

"Working with Evan was such an awesome experience. I was hesitant about the concept of a videographer but my mom convinced me it was something I would always cherish. From the minute he showed up to the salon where the gals were getting ready I felt like I had known him for years. His easy-going personality put us all at ease. He has an unbelievable ability to capture incredible footage without being in the way of the festivities. It was absolute bliss the day he sent me the link to our video. What an incredible 4-minute synopsis of our special day! I was blown away with the editing. I still watch it a couple times a week, catching beautiful new details each time. Brides and grooms, you can't go wrong with Pollock Pictures!"  

Springfield, Missouri

"I'm not sure if I can find the words to explain my experience with Pollock Pictures. The entire team was such a joy to share our special day with! It started with the videographers, Megan and Josh, on our wedding day. It was like they were some of our best friends that we had known for years and they were just there to enjoy the festivities! They were so much fun! 

Although Evan wasn't able to video that day due to being the awesome best man, he was able to bring all of the wonderful pieces together afterwards. Evan made it so that each and every emotion that we experienced within our beautiful day was captured in a mere 8 minutes of video! Words can't express how meaningful that is in itself! Thank you Evan and the Pollock Pictures crew. We will never be able to fully express what your hard work meant to us!"


Springfield, Missouri

"We were very blessed to have Pollock Pictures record and shoot our wedding on June 28, 2014.  We are very satisfied with the outcome of the video and the pictures (Photography by Sydney Steele Photography).  Evan and his awesome team made a big effort to make our wedding perfect.  They are easy to work with and simply trustworthy.  Thanks again for making our wedding this memorable! I will recommend Pollock Pictures to my friends.  Actually some of my friends already asked me where I found them."


Eminence, Missouri

"Some people don't get a videographer, but for me, it's my favorite thing to get to look back on. Pictures just can't make you feel how my wedding video makes me feel.  I can't watch it without crying!

Evan and his team added to the awesomeness of my day, and it really was the video of my dreams. They fit in just like family, and caught moments I didn't get see! (Like my husband getting ready before the wedding) I had such a great experience with Evan and his team that I couldn't recommend anyone else."


Preston, Missouri

"We couldn't love our wedding video more! It captures all of our favorite moments of the day and moments that we didn't even get to see. Evan made us feel so comfortable and he was so easy to work with the whole time! Definitely recommend Pollock Pictures!! Amazing!"




Morrisville, Missouri

"Evan Pollock with Pollock Pictures, is an amazing artist. Not only is he a genuinely nice person, he has an amazing eye for beauty. He is so easy to work with, and we loved all his ideas!!! The end product was so sweet and sincere, we couldn’t have asked for anything better.  This was our first time doing a Save the Date video, and I would highly recommend Evan’s work.  He is efficient, and quick to respond when discussing ideas before the shoot.  During the shoot, he made us feel at ease and comfortable.  After the shoot, we saw our product in record time! It was a 100% success.  Book Evan for all your video needs!" 


The Mystery Hour

"Evan was great to work with. He has all the qualities you want, he's very talented, easy to work with and is very reliable. I highly recommend him."

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